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The internet has grown to be a very plentiful place, and like the real world, it's mostly full of trash. A peaceful refuge was needed for just a few maverick survivors of the internet boom - this is .aware, and all you need to enjoy yourself is an icy can of coke, with all the fine data on this server.


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We are a crowd of borderline personality computer enthusiasts with our own webspace, one among many. However, you might find the odd one or two interesting write-up, source or program in our archives and we're confident that all the nice HTML makes it a pleasure for the eye.
We got defaced?
by on 08/06/14 05:46
Someone defaced the beta zine index. I can't be bothered to find out how, but honestly it's no surprise. If you could see the cancerous ulcer of a php script I wrote? Well, let's not go there. To the one who did it: I'd still be curious to know the attack vector. Or not. Whatever you want.
Christmas Time!
by on 12/25/13 06:53
This year, we won't be around CCC, because most of the talks are really boring and the few good ones can be streamed. The rotting meatsack that I am will be tossed carelessly into a padded room where I'll hack mindlessly at my laptop in a dazed effort to relive my long gone glory days as a truly elite c0der wannabe.
Fixed the site
by on 02/04/13 12:46
The hideous abomination of php code that riddles this website with security holes has been given another sloppy, quick and dirty fix so the site looks nice to the casual observer. At least you can browse the archives again.
Downtime for Christmas
by on 12/30/12 10:48
So, it appears the site was down for christmas. I could try to find out why, but I don't care enough. Went to 29c3, didn't get much done, ate a lot of fast food. I'm old, fat, and boring now. However, I found out about Edwards curves, that shit is rad.
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06/21/2009 08:08

I was looking for an easy, lightweight C implementation of SHA-256, as a key derivation routine for elliptic curve cryptography. But apparently, the word "lightweight" is subject to horrible misuse. Hence, I just looked at the pseudocode at wikipedia, implemented it and ... it didn't work. Why? After 7 hours of bigendian nightmare, I compared my code to another implementation just to realize that the wikipedia pseudocode was wrong. Wikipedia should die. And yes, I corrected the wiki entry ... long live wikipedia!

Clipboard RTLO
07/11/2010 08:42

I had a lot of fun reading the RTLO article in the GNY zIne and found myself very incompetent when it came to inputting that RTLO char anywhere. Hence, I wrote a little program that would set my clipboard to just the RTLO char, allowing me to paste it into browser forms and other stuff conveniently. I did this because the other tool that was linked isn't open source. Granted, my app has no GUI, but at least you can see its insides.
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