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The internet has grown to be a very plentiful place, and like the real world, it's mostly full of trash. A peaceful refuge was needed for just a few maverick survivors of the internet boom - this is .aware, and all you need to enjoy yourself is an icy can of coke, with all the fine data on this server.


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We are a crowd of borderline personality computer enthusiasts with our own webspace, one among many. However, you might find the odd one or two interesting write-up, source or program in our archives and we're confident that all the nice HTML makes it a pleasure for the eye.
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The living dead
by on 05/07/12 08:50
Let's call it zombie mode! I second what my dear rattling math nerd friend wrote! Now days life is a fucking time consuming puzzle! Family life and work, work, work. I actually code for a living these days people, and there is nothing underground about that shit. Although, there will always be a few muddy projects lurking in the depths of the ring! Cheers ya'll code monkeys and lovers -- iqlord
(Not) dead
by on 04/22/12 08:15
For those who wonder: The reason why this site is more or less dead is that I do math for a living now, and I barely find the time for funny stuff or code hacking any more. A shame really, but I am enjoying myself. Don't worry, the site will always remain online, unless weird laws force me otherwise. And don't forget to check in around christmas, because christmas time will always be code hacking time.
XKCD hates Fight Club
by on 07/14/11 12:21
It completely broke my heart. How could I choose between XKCD and Fight Club? But seriously, he got it all wrong. Fight Club is about shooting yourself in the mouth. While on the topic: I am not dead yet - just barely alive. My thesis is slowly easing a cold, jagged blade through my ribcage and towards my heart.
IRC trouble .. again
by on 02/24/11 03:42
Yadda yadda, some shit with IRC, I barely care any more. Apparently, we are now at psaux.org. DNS should update in a few.
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Bigint Library Prototype
07/09/2008 10:36

This is the win32 prototype of my big integer library. Because of the inline assembler, it will not compile with gcc, as I pointed out before. Sooner or later there will be a written article about this library and a documentation, remember that this is just a preview.

Static IP vs DHCP
01/15/2009 12:40

At home, I have static IP's - and everyone else is using DHCP for their phony little plastic routers. Even I, on occasion, have to switch my network interface to DHCP. Now I finally sat down and wrote a VBScript that allows you to easiely switch a network interface from static to dynamic IP configuration, bypassing the long way through control panel etc.
Be warned: The script stores its configuration in itself. Basically, whenever you enter something in a prompt - it gets written back into the script (check the UpdateSelf routine). So - make sure you have no quotation marks in your IP address.


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