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The internet has grown to be a very plentiful place, and like the real world, it's mostly full of trash. A peaceful refuge was needed for just a few maverick survivors of the internet boom - this is .aware, and all you need to enjoy yourself is an icy can of coke, with all the fine data on this server.


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We are a crowd of borderline personality computer enthusiasts with our own webspace, one among many. However, you might find the odd one or two interesting write-up, source or program in our archives and we're confident that all the nice HTML makes it a pleasure for the eye.
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New PGP Key
by on 01/05/11 19:35
I have a new pgp key. That is due to a complete recycling of all my passwords and other sensitive credentials because I apparently got infected with SpyEyes at CCC. Looks like I shouldn't have gone for teenporn.exe after all.
by on 12/27/10 20:39
Te, hehe. We owned the 27c3 code golf challenge. Fun times. Designing a service that gives everyone remote code execution seems like a bad idea.
Edit: Updated with shorter script and conclusion.
by on 12/01/10 19:57
Every once in a year, I try to convince you people that I am not dead yet. As already suspected (looking forward to you guys btw =D), I will clearly be wavin' my dick around 27C3 this year again, so watch out for a black hat. I mean that most literally.
nano back
by on 08/15/10 10:54
After the dust has settled, it seems that the German "anti-hacking law" does not make it illegal for me to publish computer-security related software per-se. More precisely, I was able to put the nano keylogger online again.
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Merging Wordlists
04/17/2009 11:38

I could not find a decent tool or script to merge wordlists without creating duplicates and then create a sorted output. So I just wrote one. I uploaded the big dictionary that I created with it ... it's 46MB and creation took a couple of minutes, so I think the script is ok in terms of speed.

06/21/2009 08:08

I was looking for an easy, lightweight C implementation of SHA-256, as a key derivation routine for elliptic curve cryptography. But apparently, the word "lightweight" is subject to horrible misuse. Hence, I just looked at the pseudocode at wikipedia, implemented it and ... it didn't work. Why? After 7 hours of bigendian nightmare, I compared my code to another implementation just to realize that the wikipedia pseudocode was wrong. Wikipedia should die. And yes, I corrected the wiki entry ... long live wikipedia!


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