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too much technology, in too little time. And little by little ... we went insane.

    name asc type size   date description
  [ back ]  <DIR> 26-01-13
  2005 exploits  <DIR>5 items 26-01-13
  2007 exploits  <DIR>2 items 26-01-13
  collection  <DIR>201 items 26-01-13 a huge collection of various exploits, shellcodes & malicious code(s).
  sql.bidme  <DIR>2 items 26-01-13
  sql.billigabud  <DIR>1 item 26-01-13
  sql.random  <DIR>1 item 26-01-13
  dvg.asm  asm 2.6 KB download 26-01-13 local windows xp exploit, which will crash the system.
  ff102crashxp.html  html 6.7 KB download 26-01-13mozilla firefox 1.0.2 exploit that crashes windows xp systems.
  iqping2000.c  c 18.0 KB download 26-01-13 well-known remote multi exploit tool. (*nix system).
  paxtest-0.9.6.tar.gz  gz 34.9 KB download 26-01-13process memory protection patch. (*nix system). | great protection!
  rcon.c  c 2.6 KB download 26-01-13 remote quakeworld server exploit. execute any command.
  what_am_i.jpg  jpg 2.7 KB download 26-01-13 everything isn't always what it seems to be!


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