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most handymen needs tools...

    name asc type size   date description
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  assistans  <DIR>3 items 26-01-13 tools that helps you in your development.
  bin packers  <DIR>6 items 26-01-13 increases the integrity and decreases the size of your binaries.
  comparers  <DIR>2 items 26-01-13 comparing files is something most crackers do frequently.
  compiler detectioners  <DIR>2 items 26-01-13try to detect by which kind of compiler the software is compiled with.
  compilers & linkers  <DIR>4 items 26-01-13translates your prog.language into machine code.
  debuggers  <DIR>4 items 26-01-13 step through software in search for whatever it is your looking for.
  decompilers  <DIR>3 items 26-01-13 translates all that messy machine code into some prog.language.
  disassemblers  <DIR>7 items 26-01-13 translates all that messy machine code into sexy assembler code.
  eth  <DIR>5 items 26-01-13 network related tools.
  filetype converters  <DIR>3 items 26-01-13converts different sorts of file types into other file types.
  gfx editors  <DIR>2 items 26-01-13 good graphic editors are very useful when working with resources.
  hex editors  <DIR>3 items 26-01-13 eases the work when debugging, modifying or cracking software.
  patch gen  <DIR>4 items 26-01-13 patch generators are great if your a lazy coder.
  pe decrypters  <DIR>2 items 26-01-13 automatically decrypt pe files which has been protected somehow.
  pe modifiers  <DIR>5 items 26-01-13 modify already compiled win32 executables (pe files).
  pe protectors  <DIR>3 items 26-01-13 a fairly secure and lazy way of securing files from newbie crackers.
  rc modifiers  <DIR>2 items 26-01-13 alters the resources of various win32 bin files.
  registry monitors  <DIR>2 items 26-01-13monitors all the activity regarding the windows registry.
  unxutils.rar  rar 2.8 MB download 26-01-13 collection of gnu utilities for win32.


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