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too much technology, in too little time. And little by little ... we went insane.

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  [ back ]  <DIR> 26-01-13
  files  <DIR>5 items 26-01-13 Stuff that did not fit into any other category
  images  <DIR>13 items 26-01-13 Images of silly shit - and myself!
  papers  <DIR>6 items 26-01-13 Write-ups and articles written by me
  projects  <DIR>6 items 26-01-13Some open-source programs I wrote
  source  <DIR>6 items 26-01-13 Source code snippets for various programming languages
  stuff  <DIR>12 items 26-01-13 All sorts of papers and apps I did not write myself.
  tools  <DIR>7 items 26-01-13 Smaller applications with source code, not as large as the projects


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