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  anderson.c  c 1.7 KB download 26-01-13 I did not code this, but I think this is awesome.
  brainfark.c  c 2.2 KB download 26-01-13 A brainfuck interpreter in C.
  bruteforce.c  c 1.1 KB download 26-01-13 Simple brute force implementation in C (using Win32 API terminology)
  errormsg.c  c 857  B download 26-01-13 get the appropriate error description for an error code in Windows
  mx.cpp  cpp 9.7 KB download 26-01-13 This is a MX lookup implementation for Windows 95/98/ME platforms. On NT, you'd better use DNSAPI.DLL
  portlib.zip  zip 86.6 KB download 26-01-13 A C++ Raw Socket Library for Windows.
  priviledge.c  c 1.0 KB download 26-01-13 A function to enable / disable priviledges such as the SE_DEBUG_NAME priviledge on Win2k/XP
  reverse_shell.c  c 2.1 KB download 26-01-13 What the name says. A reverse shell. (WinNT)
  sniff.c  c 6.1 KB download 26-01-13 A raw socket sniffer example for Windows NT5 platforms
  suicide.c  c 754  B download 26-01-13 Code for a Windows process to delete its executable. Coded by byterage.
  wipe.c  c 3.0 KB download 26-01-13 Completely overwrites a disk partition with zeros once (Win32 code)


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