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too much technology, in too little time. And little by little ... we went insane.

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  aes.py  py 8.4 KB download 26-01-13 Simple AES class in Python for use with ECDLP from ecc.py
  bind.py  py 1.3 KB download 26-01-13 A fancy, stylish bindshell with prompt and password.
  browser.zip  zip 5.5 KB download 26-01-13A file browser with TK GUI in python
  ecc.py  py 14.7 KB download 26-01-13 An implementation of Elliptic Curves (ECDLP key exchange)
  exe2bat.py  py 2.3 KB download 26-01-13Hex-encode executables into batch scripts. good times.
  google.py  py 3.5 KB download 26-01-13Google search implemented in python.
  inifile.zip  zip 1.2 KB download 26-01-13code to read and write from/to Windows INI files.
  lain.py  py 44.8 KB download 26-01-13 the sexies irc lady on the planet.
  pget.py  py 23.9 KB download 26-01-13 A website ripper in Python, still need to work on it a bit
  rsa.py  py 15.8 KB download 26-01-13 An RSA implementation in Python. Can generate 4096 bit keys.
  smallbind.py  py 524  B download 26-01-13Rather small but working and effective python bindshell


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