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too much technology, in too little time. And little by little ... we went insane.


Small applications with source code (mostly Visual C++ 6) can be found here. These tools are not just source code snippets, but they are not really large enough to be projects either.

    name asc type size   date description
  [ back ]  <DIR> 26-01-13
  mx  <DIR>2 items 26-01-13 A DNS implementation for windows to perform MX lookups
  netspoof  <DIR>3 items 26-01-13Tool to send spoofed NET SEND messages over a Windows LAN
  popcleaner  <DIR>3 items 26-01-13Something like a manual spam filter, I coded it for my Mom
  psview  <DIR>3 items 26-01-13 View the Windows protected storage with this tool.
  rasdump  <DIR>3 items 26-01-13 Dump dialup connection passwords. Fuck mao for stealing my code.
  synch  <DIR>3 items 26-01-13 A tool to backup files by synchronizing one directory with another.


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