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The internet has grown to be a very plentiful place, and like the real world, it's mostly full of trash. A peaceful refuge was needed for just a few maverick survivors of the internet boom - this is .aware, and all you need to enjoy yourself is an icy can of coke, with all the fine data on this server.


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We are a crowd of borderline personality computer enthusiasts with our own webspace, one among many. However, you might find the odd one or two interesting write-up, source or program in our archives and we're confident that all the nice HTML makes it a pleasure for the eye.
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New IRCd
by on 07/15/10 10:49
Alright, I moved irc to darkscience, they seem solid, stable and full of old friends of mine. Also, they have services ... and since I am old now, I like services.
Overthewire IRC Dead
by on 07/03/10 16:02
I am quite sure you noticed, overthewire IRC is down due to DDoS attacks, since a while already. Since that's wherer we're at, we currently don't really have an IRC and I am too lazy to sort that out. If someone has a nice network to suggest, tell me.
Ping Pong
by on 06/29/10 14:46
Yes we are still alive, although we are keeping it solely ring0 for the moment.
// Slap Happy everybody!
Merry xMas
by on 12/24/09 18:26
Despite all odds, I am not dead. Of course, I will be at 26C3 this year, and maybe that'll bring me up to speed with some cool computer stuff ™, or maybe I am just getting really old and lame. But don't worry, I am not on efnet just yet. Oh yea, and merry xMas.
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Clipboard RTLO
07/11/2010 08:42

I had a lot of fun reading the RTLO article in the GNY zIne and found myself very incompetent when it came to inputting that RTLO char anywhere. Hence, I wrote a little program that would set my clipboard to just the RTLO char, allowing me to paste it into browser forms and other stuff conveniently. I did this because the other tool that was linked isn't open source. Granted, my app has no GUI, but at least you can see its insides.

Steps and Cases in LaTeX
02/08/2011 04:31

I have been googling all over for a way to do this, without avail. This seems to me like the best way to do steps and cases for proofs in LaTeX. I use the ntheorem package for nice placement of the qed symbol and the enumitem package to use a custom enumerate environment for the steps. The example should illustrate it all.

I made a folder for LaTeX code snippets since I will probably be doing plenty of LaTeX in the near future.
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