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Welcome to the .aware links database. It has been kept small on purpose, as you should only find the most interesting, up to date and useful links in the database. This is not a huge archive of links to everyone and their mother, we only link to truly outstanding and extraordinary places. If you feel that one of the links in the DB is not appropriate in this context, please contact us and complain. We really appreciate feedback, so don't be shy. Same strategy applies if you think you have a really cool link to be added; just send it over.

Moreover, we do not do any kind of banner exchange and I am not having some ugly "affiliated" box on the mainpage - instead, everyone we consider 1337 will be linked here.

A little note on the side here: Links to not open in a new window by default. On purpose. Because I like it this way. You will have to use your appropriate browser functions.
  • Hacking // Comp.Sec
    Mostly groups && zines, sites that do not fit into a specific section. Anything related to comp.sec and vuln.dev.

  • Information
    Sites and servers archiving information about our general fields of interest (hacks, networking, programming, lethal drugs). Those can be papers, zines, and thelike.

  • Internal Links
    Navigating through the labyrinthine .aware archives can drive a sane man to the edge of madness. To ease the confusion, we will keep links to interesting parts of the site in this section.

  • phreaking
    Modern phreaking, which is not really easy or widespread. Again, no outdated links to bluebox tutorials here, this is top notch stuff.

  • Programming
    Mainly pages that have sample programs or code snippets.

  • Toybox
    Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories, of course. You can call it the "off topic" section, if you're so inclined.


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