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too much technology, in too little time. And little by little ... we went insane.

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Mainly pages that have sample programs or code snippets. Choose one of the sections to browse the links. If you feel a link is missing or if you would want one removed, contact the staff. You might also want to return to the link db main index.
  • rootkit dot com
    Amazing resource for Windows rootkits, device driver development, ring0 candy.

  • metasploit
    The wicked metasploit project. Haven't heard about it yet? A very interesting shellcode framework. Give it a look.

  • Win32 Samples
    a bunch of really cool Win32 code snippets.

  • JavaScript SDA
    MD5 self-decrypting archive in JavaScript. This is cool.

  • Hacking // Comp.Sec
    Mostly groups && zines, sites that do not fit into a specific section. Anything related to comp.sec and vuln.dev.

  • Information
    Sites and servers archiving information about our general fields of interest (hacks, networking, programming, lethal drugs). Those can be papers, zines, and thelike.

  • Internal Links
    Navigating through the labyrinthine .aware archives can drive a sane man to the edge of madness. To ease the confusion, we will keep links to interesting parts of the site in this section.

  • phreaking
    Modern phreaking, which is not really easy or widespread. Again, no outdated links to bluebox tutorials here, this is top notch stuff.

  • Programming
    Mainly pages that have sample programs or code snippets.

  • Toybox
    Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories, of course. You can call it the "off topic" section, if you're so inclined.


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