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too much technology, in too little time. And little by little ... we went insane.

Once upon a time, on an encrypted wire ... [ 62 quotes. ] [ showing #20 ]
[00:13:50] xeroig: apparently a rich member of the nigerian royal family is also my friend and he wants to give me shit loads of money if i just help him transfer his wealth to my country
[00:14:14] xeroig: guys i'm accepting this lucrative offer
[00:14:46] xeroig: what can possibly go wrong?
[00:15:01] qeed: well......
[00:15:02] rattle: ...

Yep, here we got [contact] information about the .aware staff. A couple of members have left the crew and/or lost the plot in the past, so there's not too many of us. However, there's no way you can be on the team unless you've earned a lot of trust and friendship, so please stop asking whether you can "join".
The best way to contact us would be IRC (see right side). However, you can also feel free to send an email - respective addresses and PGP keys can be found in the individual profiles below.
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iqlord Cracker

Q: How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Fish!

--- iqlord | i am the one .orgasmatron

--- be. aware kidz!

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legion brotherhood. unity. peace...
We do what we love, and love what we do. We create, we destroy, we uphold what precious little is left of our sanity in what used to be a honey jar. We are everything that we used to be, with a little added here and there, and a few pieces lost along the way. We are the droning thought in your head, we are the static on your television set, we are the masses moving listlessly towards the end of their day, burned out by a world too apathetic to see the truth, drained by needless care. We are pointless drudgery, we are unrestrained hate, we are the epitome of listless despair. We are this, and more and less... and our name is legion.
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rattle I am Jack's wasted life.
I do have certain preferences in terms of OS, CPU architecture, programming language and IP protocol version - but none of that should bother you. These days, I study mathematics and spend almost all of my time on it. I love pure mathematics, but I am even more interested in cryptography. I code because the voices tell me to. And because I hack to learn, I won't learn to hack.
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